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During Phase Three of training the CrowBox dispenses individual training coins from the coin magazine, which is the square stovepipe that sticks up from the top of the CrowBox. The operator (you!) must keep this magazine stocked with a supply of coins.

The CrowBox is designed to accept a very wide variety of deposited coins but there are some specific requirements for the training coins that you will load into the coin magazine. This page will help you figure out which coin(s) from your local currency you should use as training coins.

If you wish, you can read more about Phase Three of training here.

Coin Parameters

Before we get into recommending specific coins, let's talk in general about the size of coin that should properly load into and feed out of the coin magazine.

Coin Diameter

Chose a coin with a diameter between 22mm and 25mm

The coin magazine can accept coins with a maximum diameter of 25.75mm (1.01 inches). Coins larger than this won't fit into the coin magazine at all,

Coins with a diameter of less than 22mm will shift around inside the magazine and can go on to cause feed problems or jams.

Coin Thickness

Chose a coin with a thickness between 1.5mm and 2.5mm

The coin magazine's dispensing slot is 2.54 millimeters (.1 inches) tall. To feed properly, a coin should be between 1.5mm and 2.5mm thick. (0.59 to 0.9 inches)

If training coins are thinner than 1.5mm, it's possible for the machine to accidentally dispense more than one coin at a time. It's also possible that coins that are too thin may cause coin jams.

Coins thicker than 2.5mm will not dispense at all, and will definitely cause jams.

Coin Material

Chose a metal coin that conducts electricity. 

Training coins must conduct electricity to be detected by the CrowBox's coin sensor! Any metal coin should be conductive enough to work properly with the sensor.

Coin Weight

Any metal coin that fits the coin magazine parameters described above should feed properly. The weight of the coin should not matter.

Compatible Coins by Region



European Union


United Kingdom

United States

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