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CrOS - The CrowBox Operating System

The CrowBox's operation is controlled by our own open-source software which we call CrOS - The CrowBox Operating System. CrOS is provided only as source code so you'll need to download and install it on your Arduino Uno or compatible board. Instructions for installing CrOS onto an Arduino Uno board are available here.

The CrOS source code is written in C++ and comes to you as a sketch for the Arduino IDE. The code is documented thoroughly in the form of inline comments, right in the source.

We are still in the process of setting up a GitHub repository so that the CrOS source code can be properly maintained, distributed, branched and improved. For the time being, we will provide the first release of the source code for direct download.

Download Files

Current CrOS Software Release

This is the latest version of the CrOS software, tested and ready for use

Older CrOS Software Releases

These are older releases of the CrOS software and may contain bugs or other problems.
Do not download source code from this section unless you truly intend to use an older
version of the software!
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