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Since the CrowBox needs to be plugged into a power main in order to operate, it's important to observe some safety precautions, especially if your CrowBox will be deployed in an area that can be exposed to water from rain, sprinkler systems or any other water source.

NOTE: This article contains specific information that applies only to installations in the USA and Canada. The safety information remains the same, but the specific safety devices will vary in other regions of the world.

Safety Devices

Outdoor extension cord

If using an extension cord, be sure to use one that's labeled “outdoor type” or “for outdoor use”. Also, be sure that the extension cord you plan to use is in good condition.

GFCI Protection

The most important electrical safety element is the use of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt protection, most often seen abbreviated as GFI or GFCI. There are three good GFCI options:

GFCI protected outlet

The outdoor power outlets in your location may already feature built-in GFCI protection. This is easy to determine- if the outlet features small recessed buttons marked “TEST” and “RESET”, then the outlet provides built-in GFCI protection. Often, these outlets will have hinged plastic covers.

GFCI protected extension cord

Outdoor extension cords with built-in GFCI protection are widely available. These cords usually feature a small box somewhere along the cord's length with the same “TEST” and “RESET” buttons as other GFCI-protected devices.

In-line GFCI

If you already have an ordinary (non-GFCI) outdoor-rated extension cable that you want to use, you can buy a very short extension cable that will provide GFCI protection. To use one of these, you'd usually plug the short GFCI cable into your power outlet then plug the outdoor extension cable into this in-line GFCI cable- But be sure to follow the directions that come with the cable.


All of these suggestions should be considered and proper safety equipment and procedures should be followed in all aspects of assembly and use of the CrowBox.

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