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Breadboard Circuits

Each of the following circuits are assembled on their own mini breadboard:

Training Phase Circuit

This circuit provides the operator interface (a single pushbutton) which allows the operator to select which phase of the training protocol is being observed. There are four LEDs on this circuit which illuminate to indicate the current training phase.

Required Parts

  • [1] Miniature breadboard
  • [1] PCB Mount pushbutton
  • [4] LEDs
  • [1] 10k ohm resistor
  • FIXME - Wiring
  • FIXME - Pins/Connectors

Required Tools

12 Volt Switching Circuit

This circuit employs transistors to allow the Arduino's 5 volt output pins to operate 12 volt components. More specifically, the motors used by the reward dispenser and the training coin dispenser.

Required Parts

Required Tools

Optical Detector Circuit

This circuit provides power to, and reads the signals from the CrowBox's two reflective optical sensors. One of these optical sensors is used to detect the release of a training coin and the other detects coins that have been deposited by birds.

Required Parts

Required Tools

Ground/Power Busses

How to fabricate and install the copper busses which make it neat and easy to attach and remove CrowBox components from the CrowBox power source.

  • +12 VDC
  • 12V GND
  • +5.5 VDC
  • +3.3 VDC [any real need to offer this?]
  • Analog Device Ground
  • Digital Device Ground

Optical Sensor Installation

This section details how to install and connect the two TCRT-5000 optical sensors used by the CrowBox,

Perch Switch

How to install and connect the perch switch.

SD Card Data Logger

How to install and connect the Arduino SD card reader shield for data logging.

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