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Acrylic Parts Overview

NOTE The parts need to be recounted since splitting the small ribs in half!

There are 46 total laser cut acrylic parts in a CrowBox Kit (v007)

Transparent Parts

19 parts cut from transparent acrylic sheet

  • 1x Rotor
  • 1x Rotor servo horn shoe
  • 2x Inner coin slides (formerly shoulders)
  • 1x Coin slide
  • 2x Coin slide rails
  • 1x Basket faceplate
  • 2x Basket faceplate rib, halves
  • 2x Rail ledger supports
  • 2x Rail retainer supports
  • 2x Funnel reinforcement
  • 4x Coin pushers (Small parts! Two extra provided)

Tinted Parts

1 part cut from blue-tinted transparent acrylic sheet

  • Sliding lid for reward basket

Green Parts

9 Parts cut from green colored acrylic sheet

  • 1x Body panel - front
  • 1x Body panel - rear
  • 1x Body panel - left
  • 1x Body panel - right
  • 1x Body panel - top
  • 2x Rail
  • 1x Perch pivot bar
  • 1x Service door

Ivory Parts

17 parts cut from ivory colored acrylic sheet

  • 1x Baseplate
  • 4x Reinforcing rings
  • 2x Front panel small rib, halves
  • 2x Front panel large rib, halves
  • 1x Electronics sled
  • 1x Servo support
  • 1x Perch
  • 2x Coin supports
  • 4x Coin magazine panels (front, rear, left, right)
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