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NOTE: Items marked with “Current Best Price” have not been comparison-shopped nor priced in bulk yet.

NOTE: Shipping costs not included! This could be a silent killer. Some items assume Amazon Prime membership


Processor & Shields

Arduino Core

  • Arduino Uno development board
    • Cost (genuine): $16.00
    • Cost (clone): $10.00
  • SD Card shield Cost: $2.00
Current total cost: $28.00 - NOTE: No Camera with this config!

Raspberry Pi Core

  • Raspberry Pi Zero with camera bundle. Current best price: $40 (Adafruit)
  • Raspberry Pi servo hat. Current best price: $18 (Adafruit)
  • Edimax USB wifi dongle. Current best price: $8 (Amazon)
Current total cost: $66.00


  • Hookup wire: 22AWG stranded. 25 feet RED, 25 feet BLACK. Cost: $6.00 for both spools
  • 1x Half-size breadboard. Cost: $5.00
  • 3x Two-position screw terminals for breadboard. Cost $Repackaged from bulk
  • 3x Mini limit switches for lid. Cost: $2.00 for three
  • 4 pairs 22AWG m/f bullet terminals (8 pieces total) Cost: $Repackaged from bulk
  • 8ft 24 AWG bare copper wire. Cost: 25 cents per CrowBox if bought in bulk & portioned
    • Otherwise, cost for entire roll
Current total cost: $13.25 presently, but not all items accounted for yet.

Voltage Regulator Components

  • The actual regulator chip
    • LM7806CZ DC 1.5A Positive Voltage Regulator, 6V
  • Capacitor #1
  • Capacitor #2
  • Diode


MG995 Metal gear servo. Current best price: $6.00 per servo

Current total cost: $6.00


All information in this category currently assumes fabrication at PONOKO.COM

  • 1/4 inch acrylic rod (for push rod)
  • 790x384x3mm acrylic sheet (solid color) - Cost: $25.23 fabricated
  • 181x181x3mm acrylic sheet (translucent) - Cost: $4.50 fabricated
  • 384x384x3mm acrylic sheet (transparent) - Cost: $9.13 fabricated
  • 384x384x.5mm styrene sheet (white) - Cost: $2.50 fabricated
Current Cost: $41.36 plus shipping


  • M3 bolts (get specific on length, cap style, etc)
  • M3 nuts
  • Silicone rubber band for lid, two inch (include extras). Current best price: 25 cents per band
Current Cost: [Not done building the list of required fasteners]

Grand Total

NOTE: - This information is just the sum of the categories above. It WILL change before shipping. Some parts are not yet sourced, priced, or best-priced, so this number is just the closest estimate we have.

Arduino Core


Raspberry Pi Core

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