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Q: Can the CrowBox accept X/Y/Z instead of coins?

A: The current design demands flat, round, metal objects. (Coins, washers, etc.) They have to roll into the machine, and they have to conduct electricity (be metal) in order to trip the coin sensor. That said, the design is open source, so you could potentially alter it to detect other things!

Q: How long does it take to train corvids to make me rich?

A: That's not really the goal of the project, so probably a very long time. We're trying to figure out how to autonomously train corvids in order to change how people think about species that live near human beings, and to learn as much about them as we can in the process!

Q: What does the CrowBox cost?

A: We've tried to keep the cost of all materials as low as possible. Depending on where you source your materials, how expensive shipping is, and if you're able to get bulk materials in smaller lots, it should cost between $2-300

Q: How long does it take to assemble the CrowBox?

A: This depends a lot on your experience and materials. We estimate about ten hours of work (split over a few days to allow parts to dry, etc.)

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